Pastor Willie B. O’Neal

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Other Accomplishments:

  • Appointed by Governor Bob Riley to the Board of Trustees at the University of West Alabama
  • Reappointed by Governor Robert Bentley to the Board of Trustees at the University of West Alabama
  • Awarded the “Excellence in Community Service” by the Jefferson County Department of Health
  • Dean of Outreach Lay Counseling Certification Program
  • Honorary Doctoral Degree from the University of St. Thomas, Jacksonville, Florida
  • Southeastern Bible College, Birmingham, Alabama

Pastor Willie B. O’Neal

Pastor O’Neal is a man after God’s heart. He not only possesses a love and passion for God, but also for his family and the congregation he has been blessed to shepherd for over 35 years.

Pastor O’Neal was born to Ms. Eddie Mae Henderson and the late Preston O’Neal; reared in Brighton, Alabama. Always having a heart sensitive to the voice of God, Pastor O’Neal served as Superintendent of Sunday school at Friendship Baptist Church at the age of 19.

In 1973, God visited Pastor O’Neal in a dream. The dream would be the blue-print to his ministry, as well as, the game changer to his life. In the dream he saw a city on fire with young people screaming and running for their lives. He heard a voice in the dream say, “I told you to tell them!” He began to cry and say, “God, if you give me another chance, I will tell them.”

In 1977, Pastor O’Neal accepted the offer to shepherd Mt. Canaan Missionary Baptist Church within the Garden Highland community. The church had approximately 12 members and held service only twice a month. He began holding inner city street revivals and tent meetings. Putting all his energy into instilling Godly principles into the heart of the people, this was the initial manifestation of significant membership growth.

Being a pastor of conviction, integrity and a heart perceptive to God, Pastor O’Neal knew he needed to cultivate his gift. In pursuit of more of God in January 1980, he was baptized with the precious Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. He was no longer compelled to the tradition of men nor the Baptist doctrine. He submitted his will and ministry to the full control of the Holy Spirit. A new, more powerful, anointed man of God emerged with a message that would not only IMPACT the local community, but the world. Lives would be touched, changed and hearts would be turned back to God. The church name would also change to “Mt. Canaan Full Gospel Church.”

In the process, Pastor O’Neal received formal theologian education training at Southeastern Bible College and various seminaries. However, he attributes much of his foundational beliefs to Bill Gothard, Institute of Basic Life Principles. Pastor O’Neal was also nurtured and developed under the watch of Bishop Richard Taylor and Pastor Charles O. Miles, who would become his spiritual fathers and confidants. Now, Pastor O’Neal mentors approximately 10 pastors; developing a “Covenant” with these pastors to help develop them into men who not only love God, but their wives and family. His desire is to instill the reality that a great leader must first be a great servant.

In 1988, God lead Pastor O’Neal to begin a debt free building project. Twenty six (26) lots were purchase and excavated. In 1993, he moved his congregation into a brand new debt free million dollar sanctuary. Now, he is called upon around the world to help other ministers spearhead a debt free building program.

Pastor O’Neal is nationally and globally sought after. He has traveled and taught in North, South and Central America. He is affiliated with the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN), Anniston base. Pastor O’Neal hosts his own weekly “Spirit Filled Life” broadcast on channel WABM. Mt. Canaan Full Gospel has grown exponentially spiritually and physically and now Pastor O’Neal shepherds a congregation of over 1,500 members.

Pastor O’Neal is married to the love of his life, Patricia Bodley O’Neal. They have seven children, 39 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. His ministry and his personal life are based on the development of a Godly, healthy family which can make a positive IMPACT within their homes, communities, jobs and society as a whole.

Mt. Canaan’s motto: “We are a family church with a teaching ministry, reaching the world for Christ”