Our History

Reaching the World for Christ

  • Mt. Canaan Missionary Baptist Church

    In 1944, Mount Canaan Missionary Baptist Church was born in the home of Bro. and Sis. Ceasar Williams. The church would later be moved to a vacant home with Rev. Maddock as pastor.

  • A Small Congregation of Believers

    By the 1950s, this small congregation of believers erected a church facility and in the 1960s Rev. Olive Granger was chosen as the next pastor. Rev. Granger remained the pastor until 1976.

  • In 1977, Rev. Willie B. O'Neal was selected as Mt. Canaan's next pastor. When Rev. O'Neal arrived, his eyes beheld a small, white, highly aged structure in much need of improvement within the hub of a multitude of trees. The congregation consisted of approximately 12 faithful members who conducted services two Sundays a month. Under Pastor O'Neal's leadership over the next 18 months, services were held weekly and 75 new members were added to the church. This increase in membership was due in part to the street revivals Pastor O’Neal initiated in the neighboring housing projects.

  • How Long? Not Long!

    Hoping that Mt. Canaan could start building a new facility soon, Pastor O'Neal instructed a member to make a sign in order to motivate his people. The sign, which he hung above the pulpit, displayed a drawing of a new church with the words ``How Long?`` ``Not Long!`` Each Sunday he would point at the sign and ask ``How Long?`` and the people would respond, ``Not Long!``

  • Mt. Canaan's Spirit-filled Ministry

    In January of 1980, God baptized Pastor O'Neal with His precious Holy Spirit. This event marked the beginning of Mt. Canaan's spirit-filled ministry. After receiving the Holy Spirit, Pastor O'Neal returned to his pulpit as a brand new man with a brand new message. His messages were so powerful and full of God’s anointing that almost everyone under the sound of his voice were convicted to give their lives to the Lord. Mt. Canaan's membership began growing by leaps and bounds as men and women from all over Birmingham and from all walks of life, heard about Pastor O'Neal's life changing messages.

  • You build my people, my people will build the church.

    Overtime, Pastor O'Neal removed the ``How Long, Not Long`` sign after hearing God say to him, ``You build my people, my people will build the church.” The ministry changed the name of the church. The title of “Missionary Baptist” was removed and ``Full Gospel`` was added; thereby, making its name, ``Mt. Canaan Full Gospel Church``. A logo was birthed; coining Mt. Canaan as ``A family church with a teaching ministry, reaching the world for Christ.``

  • Rise up and build.

    Because of Mt. Canaan's steady growth, each Sunday there was ``standing room only`` in the building. The men would stand around the walls and allow the women, children, and elderly to sit during services. As a result, Pastor O'Neal began holding two services on Sundays in addition to Sunday school. Finally, in 1985, God spoke these words to him, ``Rise up and build.`` Then God commissioned him to build without borrowing as He told him ``owe nothing to any man except to love him.``

  • “Reaching the World for Christ.”

    Today, lives are being transformed; people are coming from around the world; the whole gospel is being taught. The Mt. Canaan Full Gospel Church is committed to “Reaching the World for Christ.”

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