Christian Education

Member Services

The mission of the Member Services ministry is to respond to the holistic needs of the entire membership through various New Members outreach, Adult Sunday School classes and Volunteer Workers ministry. Additional training opportunities are available through partner efforts with agencies such as 1st Teachers @ Home, NACA (home buying program) and Birmingham Theological Seminary (Evangelism & Lay Counseling).

Contact: memberservices@mcfgc.com

Curriculum Studies

We want our members to understand that Jesus wants to meet them right where they are in life. To see how the Bible meets their lives and how they need community in church to fulfill their mission. The Curriculum Studies ministry helps members achieve this goal through Abundant Life training, Basic Life Principles and Christian Development Training and so many other studies.

Contact: curriculum@mcfgc.com

Specialty Training

The Specialty Training ministry brings members together who have a variety of gifts and skills to provide the tools they need to fulfill the Great Commission and the mission of the body of Christ. Courses such as Evangelism, Lay Counsel, Leadership Development and Life Skills training are offered just to name a few.

Contact: training@mcfgc.com