Character Development


The Fellowship ministries aid in character building through teaching and demonstrating the value of community. The Singles and Couples ministries have planned outings. The Brotherhood and Sisterhood ministries are enriching and encouraging. Various teachings in the GAP Men’s ministry help produce quality lives and families. The Fellowship ministries will build character, produce stability and encourage moral values, commitment and integrity.

Contact fellowship@mcfgc.com for more information.


A certified Biblical Counselor is available to provide counseling in all areas for individuals, families and groups. God’s wisdom and instruction, along with the work of the Holy Spirit, is applied to everyday life situations. This approach will change and restore lives. For this reason, counseling is available and important. Meetings are by scheduled appointments.

Contact: counseling@mcfgc.com

Pastor’s Advisory Board

The Pastor’s Advisory Board is a diverse group of members selected by the Pastor. The Board meets with the Pastor to give suggestions and provide support for all ministries while assisting each Executive Director when necessary.

Contact: advisoryboard@mcfgc.com